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Ten Steps to Organizing a Barcamp – Crystal Williams knows how

Crystal Williams - cleverclevergirl

Crystal Williams, the “cleverclevergirl” has written a brief guide what to do if you plan to organize a barcamp. As organizer of barcamp Vancouver and barcamp Shanghai she is now a barcamp authority 🙂 and her article was featured instantly on the barcamp.org site.

It was a pleasure to work together with her for the barcamp Shanghai organisation – I am infected now. Back to Germany I have started the planning for a barcamp in Cologne and found a sponsor already. Soon more…

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Barcamp Shanghai


After I came home from Shanghai last week I got very sick. Therefore it took a while to upload the videos of barcamp Shanghai. Now, here they are:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

More info:

First chinese barcamp, held on Sunday 24th, 2006 in Shanghai.


We had 57-63 peeps showing up with a total 80 Registered person.

We ran 20 sessions on various topics from open source business model, international business development, photography, development with lego, design, philosophy and creative process.

People from 4 continents.

Some videos of sessions will follow!

hands on barcamp

Add: Robert Scales reflections on the event

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more fun with flickr



I am a flickr addict since a while (and an average photographer, maybee under average). As much as I love flickr, there are (still) some usability flaws and/or missing features.

Fortunately flickr has an has a so called “Open Application Programming Interface” (API). Enthusiasts can write programms to extend the capabilities of flickr and make it possible for you to view and present your photos in many different ways.

Further there is Greasemonkey, a Firefox extension which lets you extend the capabilities of Firefox. If you don’t have it yet – get it because you will love it!

Maybee many of this tips I will publish are found elsewhere, maybee you know already about them. I don’t care. I just want to share my experiences with you and try to make them understandable, even for newbies and less skilled users.

Feedback, discussions and suggestions are very welcome.

PS: The fun with flickr logo was created online with flickr logo maker.

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